Paramilitaries hoodwinked by mock-on at Kirby Misperton

Story of the mock-on told by Ian Crane.  Very amusing.

Surfer held up yesterday’s work for frackers at Kirby Misperton by climbing on vehicle.  Police brought in a convoy to well-site the back route, nearly running a local resident off the road, at small bridge.

Lock-on on Monday.

Farmers came up on Tuesday.

Preston New Rd sent up a team to assist with a lock-on on Wednesday.

Police dragging people away while they were singing hymns during church service, looked awful on video.

This weekend, there is walk using public footpath, starting at Kirby Misperton at 10 am.  Stunning views, going past well site.

Sunday there’s a legal observer training session.  Twenty plus people coming.  Space for more.  12 am at camp. Just turn up.

More people needed.  Just come down.  Many areas are away from Police presence.  Just come to observe.  That’s all that’s needed.  People to witness the shocking behaviour of the Police, not to face it directly.  That needs training to get involved with.

People totally shocked by the paramilitary tactics of the North Yorkshire Police.

Average age of demonstrators is wrong side of sixty.

Do your own research.

Maybe the Police can do some research.

Wherever this industry has become established around the world, it has been catastrophic.




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