North Yorkshire Police assault peaceful demonstrators at Kirby Misperton, attempt to escalate situation. Anti-frackers remain peaceful.

Fracking is not just about saving Britain’s water, air and soil.  It’s the focal point of the advance of the totalitarian state.  The Police have been ordered to force through the fracking of Britain regardless of all former rights to peaceful protest.  If they succeed, democracy in Britain will become meaningless.

The Police are using dirty tricks.  Putting false stories to the Press to demonise the protest.  Some of the Police are becoming uncomfortable about what they are being asked to do, especially the older Police.  The young bucks full of aggression and testosterone are less inhibited.  The effects of Common Purpose training are visible.  The aim of Common Purpose is to create chaos and bring about the end of society as we know it.

The ambulance took two hours to arrive yesterday.  Sign of the deterioration of the NHS, which is under attack.

The government tries to create the impression that anti-fracking is anti-establishment.  Nothing is further from the truth.  The anti-fracking protesters are all formerly and still are upstanding citizens.  They have realised that the system is now totally corrupt.  The eyes of the young Police officers tell the story.  They are recruited because they are the kind that’s incapable of independent thought.

Come and join us, says Ian.  Join the pop up protest at Whitby against scaffolding company supplying fracking industry.

As for the camp, roadway is being delivered to help with mud.  Building projects.  Clearing trash.  The front line needs a lot of support, infrastructure.

Facebook listing broadcasts as from Kirby Misperton as spam.   Click it as OK.

Do your own research to see what is going on.  Local communities rallying around.  People shocked by close encounter with Police.  Long battle to come.  Ian Crane will livestream each day.


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