Nigel Farage MEP – Full interview on Brexit negotiations, Trump and the UKIP leadership race

TAP – Labour are confirmed anti-Brexit.   Former UKIP voters who voted Labour at the GE will think differently now.  The reason for the Labour surge was switching former UKIP voters.

The EU, to begin with, thought Brexit would go away, be corrected.  Farage’s most pessimistic view about the EU has been exceeded.  We’re now in a very bad place.

He still doesn’t do conspiracy, and either doesn’t realise terror attacks are mostly false events, or he knows and is part of the deception of the public structure.  If he did admit to conspiracy, of course, he would be barred from a serious political/media role.

He’s loving LBC, interacting with the public.  Great interview.  The EU is dying, but it might take a long time.

He commentates on Steve Bannon leaving the White House, saying he’s back with Breitbart, still friends with Trump.  North Korea mention.  Trump is not your regular guy in terms of politics.  He’s doing rallies around the country.  Still has very strong support despite media attacking him.  He has to get Congress behind him and get tax reform.

He’s dismayed by seeing too many candidates for UKIP leadership.  The whole management of the party seems weak.  The next leader?  Who knows what will happen?  UKIP is important especially now Labour is anti-Brexit, but he sounds pessimistic about UKIP at the moment.  Is he coming back?

He finds leading UKIP exciting, challenging but loathsome.  24/7.  No break ever.  He doesn’t want to go back, but if they make a mess of UKIP, he’ll have no choice.


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