New name for UKIP should be ‘What’s best for Britain’

I wrote that phrase in 2000 when working on ideas for UKIP leaflets.  I started using Dad’s Army themes and phrases as the way to hook attention for UKIP, which at the time has less than 1% support.  They worked amazingly well, and the leaflets took off.  The 2001 General Election result stunned the Conservatives, who realised that up to 20% of their supporters were interested and tempted by UKIP.  MI5 started to seriously insert its agents into the party after that, and today as a result, it has become unmanageable, and is not fit for purpose, despite people being very willing to support UKIP’s aims.  BREXIT was voted for not by 52%, but more like 70%.  But no one is going to tell you that.  UKIP kept alive the notion that Britain’s independence is a necessary aspiration for any sort of future worthy of the name.

I am not surprised that Aaron banks and Farage want to start a new party.  The problem will be the slow growth of brand recognition.  I don’t know what plans they have to overcome this.  It occurred to me that another phrase I wrote in 2000 – ‘What’s Best For Britain’ might suit as a name.  This phrase was immediately copied and used by the Conservatives,  William Hague and Michael Howard, in particular, used it as his catchphrase in 2005 throughout the general election campaign, specifically to block the growth of UKIP, and pretend that he cared for British independence.  The phrase has been well road tested.

My ideas may well be out of date now, and other cultural influences have taken over.  I just thought, however, it might be a good moment to throw out the suggestion that this phrase works well and might suit the next phase.  It would overcome lack of recognition very quickly, if indeed, the rules permit its use.

Farage has used this one too, and knows it works.  He once told me to get as many of my leaflets out as I could (in 2001).  Now is a key moment in the independence campaign and he could use the ideas from those times that we worked on.



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