New car!

I spent the last week investigating cars.  My current one is twelve years old, a trusty and loyal carrier which has seen me through many trials and tribulation over the last quarter of my adult life, and has stayed with me through to better times.  I feel a bit like a farmer sending his best cow to the abattoir at the end of her useful life.  Tomorrow could be her last day with us, and we are saying our goodbyes to an old friend.  But reality has to be faced.  There are some much better vehicles around, and I’ve decided to go for one of these, a fully electric car as it happens.

The test drive went well (obviously) and I was suitably impressed, and very happy to contemplate not buying petrol (gas) or diesel at the pump again – or at least for a while.  The car is smaller than what I am used to, but adequate for what we need.

The car in question is the Nissan Leaf 24Kwh in the Tekna version, all red.  Before I sign on the dotted line in the morning, I wondered if there any readers who had owned one.  If so what comments do you have?  Maybe you know someone who’s got one.  I know about various horror stories of electric car batteries going up in flames, but as I keep reminding people, so too does petrol burn, as well as lithium, and  a lot faster too.



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  1. bangonit says:

    Are you actually buying it or leasing it TAP ?

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