MSM Ignores Videos Of Syrians Celebrating SAA Deir ez Zor Liberation

By Brandon Turbeville

While the Western media laments over the recent liberation of Deir ez Zor by the Syrian military and the impending defeat of America’s ISIS terrorists, the reaction of the Syrian people – both inside and outside of Deir ez Zor – tell a story of anything but sadness over the SAA victory there.

Normally, video footage from a city that was recently the scene of a historic military battle would be considered prime news film for television. However, in this case, since the citizens on the ground are welcoming the Syrian military in droves as liberators and saviors, the western corporate media is, predictably, silent.

One such video as published by Syria Channel Today shows hordes of celebrating Syrians outside the Men’s Monastery in Deir ez Zor unable to sit still, chanting praise for the Syrian army and the country as a whole. In the background, one can see numerous Syrian flags and posters of Bashar al-Assad.

These are the people who Assad is killing according to Western media outlets. It is odd then that these victims of “Assad’s barrel bombs,” “Assad’s brutality,” and “Assad’s concentration camps” would turn out in such large numbers to support the military that is allegedly killing them. It is even odder still that they would carry posters of the “brutal dictator” that the whole country was supposedly united against. It would be incredibly odd if the propaganda against Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government was true. Once again, however, the reality on the ground, the footage coming back from Syria, and virtually every testimony given by Syrians themselves contradicts the propaganda coming from Western media and Anglo-Financier coalition.



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