Mind control and magic: not very far apart at all.

A 12 year old drops some truth bombs: I hold the Bush family and Obama responsible.
Is he schooled and groomed? Regardless, he has a platform and says a few things that the mainstream media will not.
YourVoice™ Spotlight (9/25) “Cole McCaffery: 12 Year Old Trump Supporter!”
George W. Bush is worse than Pablo Escobar:
Jeb Bush spent millions promoting the idea that Trump is racist.
Are we going to see a presidential run in your future?
Well yes, but first I have to go to college.

Your Voice America is unabashedly pro-MAGA & Trump and guests tend to have supported Republicans such as Bush in the past. It is being realised that the lines of left-right Dem-Rep are becoming irrelevant and Trump perhaps symbolises that irrelevant divide.

Is the boy schooled? He certainly seems to be taking nudges off camera, but at least truths are being spoken.

It takes me back to…. I love this girl’s speech from 2010: Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling:

The text:
A female friend of mine suggested then that Erica Goldson had been schooled and groomed. May be. Who knows, but ideas are given a platform on the internet and anyone who does a little research can discover our education systems, US and UK, have been molded to teach and regurgitate abc.

From Tavistock Institue by Daniel Estulin…
“The magician pulls his strings surrounded by an aura of deniability, an aura created by Newtonian science, since science states that what the magician does is impossible, the result of superstition and ignorance. ‘There is no such thing as the Mafia’, stated J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI. And the capos laughed.”
Mind control and magic: not very far apart at all.


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