Milo, You Silly Poof.

RECLAIM CONSTANTINOPLE!…. this is from Milo’s newsletter to which I subscribe:

September 11 was a solemn day focused on remembering the 3,000 innocents that lost their lives… for a year or two. Then 9/11 became an annual opportunity for the media to remind us that Islam is the “religion of peace” and its adherents are not hellbent on destroying the West. It set a script rolled out every time a Muslim terror attack happens, from Paris to Orlando to Manchester.

MILO’s message on 9/11 is simple — “ENOUGH.”

Milo! You silly four by two bubble ‘n’ squeak (Cockney rhymin’ for those who don’t know… innit). Plug yer brain in and wake the fig up! I love your commentary, courage and the idea of the revolting Antifa banning you illustrates how pathetic Antifa and the ‘left’ are. But, 9/11 official story is bollocks. Check Rebekah Roth, even your friend Alex Jones or any number of 9/11 truth groups, movements and individuals.

As for reclaiming Constantinople, I’d love for an organisation/brand such as istanbul1881 to invite you to present your ideas. I’d take a front seat and laugh my head off. I’m happy to be entertained, but it has long been and will remain Istanbul not Constantinople!… I’m serious, to my Turkish colleagues, we should invite him to speak freely. It would be a sensational event, international and touch upon just about every sensitive taboo going – but, engagement and platform, not banning and censorship as Berkley College does, is the way forward. Let Milo come and reclaim Istanbul in front of me! I challenge him!! En plus, let’s have a 9/11 discussion!!!

Hey Milo sweetie, how about reclaiming Jerusalem?!

The Four Lads: Istanbul (not Constantinople)


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