Meet INSPECTOR THUG of North Yorkshire’s Corporate Enforcement Agency, brutalising a PEACEFUL PROTESTOR.

Ambulance arrived after TWO Hrs!

As THIRD ENERGY increase the number of vehicle movements onto their FRACK Pad at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire Police demonstrate unequivocally that they have been instructed to force through the UK Govt FRACKING Agenda … with total disregard to Articles 10 & 11 of the European Human Rights Convention.

At 11 minutes 30 seconds into video just as Ian Crane starts to encourage more people to come to the fracking site to stop the assault on North Yorkshire’s people, land, air and water, very loud music cuts in and drowns out what he is saying.

The message simply put if you are able to do so, get down to Kirby Misperton and stop these dumb animals known as Police from beating up innocent people trying to save their environment from destruction.  A thousand plus people are needed to bring greater numbers  of boots on the ground than Third Energy can afford to deploy.  If you ever thought you want to join the fight, now is the time to deploy yourself into this battle.  The government is abandoning all pretence at legality.  The Police are now mere corporate shock troops disobeying the law at every turn, with nil consequences, as women are taken away to hospital, injured by their brutality.

Does this seem right to you?  If you care about having a decent country to live in, here is the greatest opportunity to make your life count on the side of the good.  Don’t let these evil numbskulls  masquerading as Police get away with it.  Get after them.  Stop their crimes.  Get up to Kirby Misperton now.  Send them back to the cities where they came from.  Block their pathway in sufficient numbers that there is nothing they can do.

Your country needs you as never before, not fighting an enemy who we are told to hate, when they are just people the same as us.  These government deployed barbarians are total scum, not worthy of being called British, or any other nationality.  Get after them.  Show them what they are.  Stare hatred into their faces.  Tell them direct how much you despise them.  And ensure that their cowardly acts don’t win against good honest decent caring people who simply don’t want their locality turned into a poisonous stinking gasfield.

If you are thinking of becoming a Police robot, look here and see what you will end up doing, if you join the corporate stooge network.   Look at this evil shit beating up peaceable female demonstrators.  I hope he meets his comeuppance somewhere along the line and soon.  I am ashamed to come from a country where scum like this is able to pose around protected and strutting his stuff, while his victims lie untreated on the verge.  Unload hatred of these animals into your prayers, cursing their beings with every unfortunate consequence you can imagine.

After all this is a fight for human survival.  Peaceable for sure, and necessarily so, as a violent response to their violence is all the Police want.  In the spirit world, however, there need be no holds barred.  Evil requires the strongest response to drive it out, like devils in possession, as that is all they are.



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