Jeremy Wright QC Seeks Internet Control To Keep The State Safe

UK Column News – 15th September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Tongue in cheek headline news….
Happy international day of democracy!
2017 Theme: Democracy and Conflict prevention… NPP: otherwise known as bollocks.

Everyone goes into over-drive about North Korea”s missile threat. South Korea responds with ‘decapitation unit’ hit squad.
Will North Korea help Iran develop nuclear weapons?
India preparing for war on 2 1/2 fronts! At least India has a buy India policy for its defense procurement – just imagine that!
Partnership between MOD and Royal College of Art to design military uniforms: future soldier vision!
Brian: “Will they be unisex? Will girls have to deal with flies or will boys have to take their trousers down?”
David: “I’m astounded at the flippant approach you two (Brian & Mike) are taking to this. After all, Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the SS!”

Real policeman John Wedger, whistle blower on child abuse, been harassed, bullied, intimidation by Metropolitan Police.

Jeremy Wright QC – is social media interfering trials? Further fear of establishment of the internet. You can read the source article and see the twerp QC here:
Never think Common Purpose has gone away. It”s international today.
Let”s erase history and burn books to keep the state safe.

David Scott highly recommends….
SUPREME SECRETS: UK Supreme Court refuses to publish recusal data – Court rejects release of info on UKSC justices’ conflicts of interest in response to Freedom of Information recusals probe on top UK court:

Mass grave found in Scotland, but no crime – nothing to see here… Roman Catholic nuns operated a school 1864-1981.
Hundreds of Scottish orphanage children allegedly buried in mass grave:
Mass grave over 400 children”s bodies.

More on UK child abuse… Revised UK child sexual ‘consent’ rules provoke backlash:
“Even in cases involving children it says that “where the sexual activity is truly of the applicant’s free will no crime of violence will have occurred”.
Sammy Woodhouse, one of the most prominent survivors of the Rotherham grooming scandal, described the revised guidance as “absolutely disgusting … I’m outraged and I definitely won’t believe in this. I’m going to continue to campaign and I’m going to ring David Lidington tomorrow,” she said.”

Reminds of us of Jack Straw”s approach to child violation.

You can’t get near UK justice unless you pay for it.



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