“James Comey? I wouldn’t trust him with my pet hamster.”

James Comey helping with UK police policy, and it gets worse…. smoke-screens not protecting children. Whistle-blower Detective Constable John Wedger?!

UK Column News – 18th September 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

The Parson”s Green bucket bomber? Ridiculous, but it gives excuse to push out further surveillance to combat extremism and developing Common Purpose.
£24 million going into counter terrorism…. Mike says it gets better!
Armed SAS troops deployed on Underground trains ‘in disguise as couples’

Police Chiefs’ Blog: Cdr Matt Twist – Publishing use of force data is a great step forward for police transparency August 2017
“Police are charged with maintaining order and keeping people safe. In fulfilling those duties, they will sometimes need to use force on behalf of the state to protect the public and themselves form harm.”

Police forces ‘might work with vigilante paedophile hunters’
Chief Constable Simon Bailey?
‘Do not jail all paedophiles’ says Chief Constable
An apologist for child abusers?

Police Chiefs’ Blog: CC Sara Thornton – Chief Constables’ Council April 2016
The NPCC works closely with a range of organisations including the College of Policing, National Crime Agency, Association of Police & Crime Commissioners and Home Office. In an increasingly global world, however, these relationships can no longer begin and end with our physical borders. For the first time ever, Chief Constables’ Council hosted a serving FBI Director. On Thursday James Comey joined the meeting to discuss encryption and the challenges posed by modern technology. While our countries have many differences it was clear that some of the challenges were similar and we all agreed on the importance of continued international cooperation.
Brian comments: “James Comey? I wouldn’t trust him with my pet hamster.”

Britain opts in Europol.

Climate Week NYC
…. zzzzzzz

NHS seeking to relocate…
‘Cut-price’ medics lured to the NHS from the US with promises of long holidays touring Europe
… yipee!

24 UK Typhoon aircraft going to Qatar.
Qatar crisis: What you need to know
UK supporting extremism? No problem!


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