Israel? Racists? Ooh, you anti-Something or others!

The US uses the electric chair while Iran uses another method.
All I said was that would be good enough for Jehovah….
Stoning – Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Why does Iran keep moving closer to all those US bases?! Still I love Trump’s Tweets. I note Syria seems more stable since Trump came to power.
Nuclear? It”s a joke. They all have way beyond nuclear, including Iran.
For the record…. he refers to the racist state of Israel and rogue Zionist regime:
Watch Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s address to the U.N.

Nuclear weapons? Silly buggers still working at CERN? Zzzzzzz…. try HAARP and more…
Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature


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