Is Trump’s Intuition Confusing You?

Another episode from the UK Column; Trump, German nationalism, NHS data sharing… and Your Voice America as a contrasting view.
UK Column News – 20th September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Trump at the UN. Nation states good. Pointing finger at rogues states not good.
Mike refers to schizophrenic Trump.
Former US Under Secretary Says Washington Involved in Informal Talks with Pyongyang
Brian thinks Trump is not thinking these things through for himself.
NPP: Brian, Trump is intuitive; thinking is a low level of awareness. Intuition just knows! Read Art of the Deal for a sense of how Trump approaches deals.
Alex points to 3 factions aiming to influence Trump:
Red Empire: Anglo-American military muscle, the City, Jesuits, Zionism, will kick over any country exporting mineral wealth outside Dollar domination
Blue Empire: the Communists, below the globalists, not top dogs,
3rd: Prussian or platonic model represented by Steve Bannon; let”s work with China and Russia
Alex says Trump is just a businessman with no idea of foreign policy…. “Not a word of this came out of his own head.”
NPP: I doubt that.
Trump has submitted a 10 point plan to reform the UN. 128 nations signed it.

Theresa May at UN talking further about controlling the internet. She wants to tackle modern slavery. She seeks prosperity, security, fairness and sustainability for all.
UK Column Series: One World Governance:
Alex recommends The Campaigner Unbound:

While Corbyn’s Labour party bans Saudi Arabia from its conference, Michael Fallon announces new military and security cooperation agreement…. no debate in Westminster.

Soros sponsoring Saakashvili in Ukraine.
Ukraine elite must change or prepare to be ousted – Saakashvili
Soros has huge influence in Ireland.

German election. Merkel’s immigration policy is criminal according to AFD according to Björn Höcke
Will there be election fraud?
Speech by Björn Höcke; is he speaking turth or a tad too nationalist:
AfD politician speaks TRUTH TO POWER against the Merkel-regime

NHS Data
This review by the National Data Guardian for Health and Care (NDG), Dame Fiona Caldicott, makes recommendations to the Secretary of State for Health. These are aimed at strengthening the safeguards for keeping health and care information secure and ensuring the public can make informed choices about how their data is used….
Dame Fiona Caldicott: Data security in the NHS
National Data Opt-out Programme
We’re going to share your data, but don’t worry you can op-out!
Brian suggests the NHS is virtually privatised.

UKC finish off by referencing organisations illustrating there will be no Brexit and Alex suggests voting will become a privilege and candidates and voters can be vetted and blocked.

As an antidote to Trump”s critics, try:
YourVoice™ America (9/20) “Obamacare Repeal Getting Close!”


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