Ian Crane back on the front line. Anti-fracking resistance growing across Yorkshire.

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first lock-on at KirbyMisperton today.  Video with Ian Crane clearly visible, none the worse for wear apparently.   video takes three seconds to arrive.

massive lock-ons.  could not cut us out.  the removal team seemed to be struggling.  new to the job.  very nice but failed to get through any of the lock-ons.  tried to persuade the lock-ons to release.  none did until traffic for the day was blocked.  they took the lock-ons away to examine them.

Faced with assault and battery by so-called Police officers, the anti-frackers go to hospital like the one pictured, or to jail for the night, as did Ian Crane yesterday.   All get back in the fight the second they are released, as more and more supporters turn out to battle the corporate enforcers who maintain that they are police officers.  The charges should be brought against the Police, not the peaceful demonstrators who they are unlawfully attacking.

Update from Kirby Misperton FRACK Pad … Ian R Crane talks with Louise Hammond, both of whom had been arrested the previous day. Lou had participated in the first Lock-on at Kirby Misperton; whilst Ian had been arrested for Live-streaming … (Obstruction of the Highway)!

Ian says come on over and bring your camera so that the Police cannot stop demonstrators filming.  It is an agreed right of the public to be allowed to film the Police.  This right is now under threat.  Ian was told he was taken out because he was filming.

The site at Kirby Misperton now has a 24 hour Police presence.  Costs are skyrocketing for the Police.  The Police are particularly targeting the geri-activists.  This is the front line of the further descent into the corporatist police state.

The violence being used by the Police, and the use of pressure points to inflict pain are shocking and illegal.  Peaceful protest is within the law.   Illegality never worries the Police which is ironic, as I am sure in story books years ago, the Police were always portrayed as being there to enforce the law, not act as stooges for corporations out to destroy the environment.  Remember Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven.  It was all a lie of course, designed to programme the minds of children.  Not just children either.  TV cops are always made to be the good guys.  The reality is very different.  They are just there, trained in thuggery, to help powerful faceless corporations, and the super rich, take over and ruin the lives of the people.  Follow the anti-fracking story and see what the Police truly are today – not the friends of anyone except their Freemasonic masters, who regard them as expendable grunts in their scheme to reduce all of humanity, including dumb Police officers, to slavery.


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  1. NPP says:

    It’s a dilemma. Corbyn is a bloody socialist and surrounded by daft snowflake politically correct nit-wits. Buy, he may well call a halt to fracking.

    Ian, you are a top man and terrific sense of humour.

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