How the human mind tends to get things wrong

In 1995, Charlie Munger gave a speech about how the human mind tricks itself into making poor decisions. This is an abridged and animated version of that speech.  You think governments, corporations and their PR/advertising departments don’t know all of these things?  If you are to succeed in life, you need to improve your rate of success and reduce your rate of failure.  Understanding why you make mistakes is key.   Knowing your strengths is great, but understanding your weaknesses is far harder and just as important.  That’s why young people, full of expectation, can fail where they should have succeeded.  Yet older people often succeed when they didn’t expect to.  Because they’ve realised what was not so obvious to them when they were young.

You could add to those observations, that misunderstanding the economic/political environment is another key to why people fail.  Trusting the system being a key one in my case.  Once I realised you can’t trust anything from government, media and corporations, it was easier to navigate through the decisions one is faced with in life.  It only took about four decades.  That’s the con of education.  Putting a mortar board on the head of people who’ve learned to copy and propagate all the lies, ensures they are blind to the reality of what’s going on around them, for a very long time.  This video gives you ample material to see why that would be.

The speaker doesn’t lay a glove on the education system of course.  That’s what employs him.  He won’t bite the hand that feeds, like everyone else.  Great video from Brasscheck.


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