Government in panic over the internet.

UK Column News – 13th September 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

We survived the storm! The country survived, but will free speech survive.?
UK Internet Governance Forum
The UK Internet Governance Forum is a collaborative partnership between Nominet, the UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport, key parliamentarians and other organisations taking a leading role in making the internet a better place.
Our aim is to provide a local forum in the UK that engages industry, government, parliament, academia and civil society in debate on Internet Governance issues. As well as encouraging partnerships and coalitions that deliver solutions and demonstrate best practice for others to learn from.

Trust us! We’re here for your benefit.
The more you use the internet, the less mentality well you are Brian… says Mike.
But, the best one, how to combat fake news.
My MP Matthew Handycock gave a ministerial address. Mathew likes to be called Matt, but I prefer Handycock. Is that abusive, would you block me for that preference Twatter?
Handycock said,
“…. harm and abuse happens because the internet is open and free… even the most ardent supporter of technology like me needs to acknowledge that in the wrong hands the internet poses serious risks… that even digital enthusiasts like u must be alive to… we must build an internet based on liberal rather than libertarian values and cherish freedom while preventing harm to others.”
He’s my MP and he’s a twerp.
‘Matt’ is making the same points as Twitter’s Twitter co-founder Evan Williams who said on the BBC R4 Today programme:
“Donald Trump and his tweets were merely a “symptom” of a bigger problem.”

Mike: Matthew Handycock wants to shut us all up because they’ve lost control of the narrative.
Alex: the state is worried about the power of the internet. Libertarian versus liberal – libertarian was coined because liberal has ceased to have its original 19thc meaning; another case of hijacking words.

The British Council and DEMOS have released a new report.
Brian: DEMOS was a Marxist based organisation, though they deny that. They are measuring how they have changed the minds of young people. It’s deep sinister stuff.
Russia have introduced, who have developed search options in competition to the monopoly of lazy Google. Once upon a time we were the bastions of free speech, now Russia appears to be more so.

Zapad 2017. Russia’s military exercises are about internal defence where as NATO is frequent and based upon external foes. Macron’s France seeks to be the leading €U military.

Madeline Moon, social worker now Defence Committee expert:

Henry Jackson Society: Toward Global Britain:
Britain will thrive post Brexit! The Anglo- Tel Aviv project will thrive?

Media On Trial:
Thu, 19th Oct 2017
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
John Pilger, Vanessa Beeley, retired Ambassador Peter Ford, Patrick Henningsen, Professor Piers Robinson, Robert Stuart and Professor Tim Hayward.

BBC highlights trans-sexual prisoner – ignores Melanie Shaw.

Every sentence is frequently significant in a UK Column News… these are brief details…
Healthcare Intelligence?!
We have bid business working through people who have deep inside knowledge though Westminster.
Laingbuisson Chairman: Ex UK health Secretary Rt. Hon Stephen Dorrell
Health organisations buried deep within the prison system.

Flu crisis UK opened it’s alerts.

Next, Jamie Dimon made comments about crypto-currencies that may be biggest example of hypocrisy ever!?
Mike: “…. I don’t remember Bitcoin having to be bailed out by the government at any time past….”

Brexit is an incredible opportunity to redesign the constitution!! Alex Thomson. UK Column commentators are very good.
Common Law will be scrapped. Soft Brexit for the City.

Keep pushing out the information.
Exposure is 95% of the battle, hence the government’s panic over the internet.


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