Gordon Logan on Gordon’s crash

Tap asks for my take on the South African driver. I think it likely that the security services employ the services of immigrants for dirty tricks on Brits, since they are easier to recruit. It was a Pakistani and a Nigerian that tricked my Chinese wife into leaving the UK without a re-entry visa in 2009. It would be interesting to know if the South African has a military background.

The attempt to kill me by vehicular homicide in Dec 2002 would have led to a run off-road accident at very high speed, which has the highest fatality rate. Strangely enough, head on collisions (as in Gordon’s case) only have a fatality rate of 10%.

If Gordon’s crash wasn’t an accident, it may have involved a conspiracy between the South African and the driver of the cream car in front. As to motive, Gordon, like myself and many others, is a so called ‘non violent extremist’, who takes the lies in the mass media with a pinch of salt., David Cameron said in the UN in 2014 that ‘non violent extremists’ were just as dangerous as ISIL terrorists. Since we know from Lord James that the British government is a major covert backer of terrorism, we can assume that Cameron is making a distinction between the jihadists (whom he secretly supports) and the really bad guys, like Gordon, who post embarrassing revelations about the e.g. the lying thugs of the Conservative Party. It follows therefore that Gordon may well have been a victim of the ‘Increment, as I was in 2002.

Another attempt to kill me involved the ‘Journalist of the Year’. I will describe that another time, with evidence.

The Russians probably jimmied my brakes in the mid 80s in Bulgaria. The brakes had just been repaired and suddenly failed after driving down one of the highest mountains in the Balkans.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    While accepting your opinion Gordon (Logan), with your knowledge of these matters being well ahead of mine, was the journey being taken just a chance event at an unpredictable time? I would imagine a certain amount of planning would be needed, or do they run these ops on two minute call-out?

  2. Gordon says:

    Oddly enough, I too had sudden brake failure some five – six years ago coming home from Edinburgh, but until now didn’t think much of it.

    I recall the event well, who wouldn’t, such a fright. For some reason I decided to leave the dual-carriageway and courtesy call a client in Dunbar. I was heading down a steep hill which had a roundabout at the bottom situated left of center to the road traveling at around 55mph and started to bring my speed down when suddenly my brakes failed.

    Due to my elevated position I could see that the road ahead of the roundabout was clear and decided to take the roundabout on the the wrong side of the road due to the risk of rolling the car had I decided to remain in the correct lane.

    Meanwhile, I’m frantically bringing my speed down by pulling on the handbrake and coming down my gears to reduce speed with the engine screaming, eventually coming to halt on the roundabout the wrong way, and thereafter managed to get onto the correct side of the road and carefully drive home.

    I’m not confident of foul play in such scenarios in my belief that people are basically good, yet shit happens, and in any event we are left wondering, always wondering.

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    The Abu Dhabi journey was planned in advance and the time was determined by the time of the arrival of my plane. I had left the car in the airport car park. I arrived but didn’t go to my car. Instead I had a nap in a lounge before going through passport control. My non-arrival caused 2 army officers on the next plane to be ordered to leave their plane to find me. They were in the lounge when I woke up. They sent a code call to their HQ using a false name. I later got their identities from the Abu Dhabi security officers. There was also a clear motive to kill me.

    In the Bulgarian case, there was a clear motive and the journey up and down the mountain was one I took several times a week. I had just received the car from the mechanic, who must have jimmied the brakes.

    As regards the threat posed by ‘conspiracy theorists’. The constitute a problem not only because they disturb public lethargy/stupidity. They also threaten the ignorance of brainwashed politicians, for example Donald Trump. Recently Trump cut CIA financing of ‘moderate’ jihadists after seeing a video of a boy being beheaded. He is now almost completely isolated, and depends on Sean Hannity of Fox News for uncontaminated information. The Trump presidency has been greatly influenced by the blogosphere, which is why Kelly and MacMaster are so keen on isolating him. That one clip of the boy being beheaded forced the Deep State to abandon its Syria policy.

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