‘Flash’ Gordon – pain’s subsiding a little after five weeks

Well it’s been some five weeks now since my accident and slowly but surely I’m becoming more mobile with pains in my right ankle and chest lessening to some degree.
It was a few days after being discharged from hospital on the 18th August, that I started getting acute chest pains and had mentioned such to my daughter Rachel whom unknown to me had gone into panic mode and passed this information onto NHS 24 which caused such a stooshie (uproar). First I knew of course was when a doctor from BORDOC (weekend doctors) phoned me and for the rest of the day I spent my time assuring the doctor that I was not having a heart attack.
It was after this that I sat down and gave thought to the acute pain in my chest and recalled at the time of impact I was very badly stunned on the chest either by the steering wheel or my seat belt such that I was gasping for breath. Then I remembered the hospital doctors and nurses explaining that the body deals with the most acute pain and injury first (ankle) and as that injury improves pain moves to the next severe injury (chest). It was then that I realized that I could have fractured ribs and that I would make mention of this to my doctor when I was to visit the hospital a few days later for a routine checkup.
It was Mr Siddiqi that examined me, I have never understood why professors title themselves as “Mr” but there we are, sorry for the digression. Although Mr Siddiqi couldn’t see anything untoward on my chest ex-ray he explained that sometimes x-rays miss hairline fractures which would only be picked up on a CT scanner. Nevertheless, he performed a physical examination on my rib cage by pressing each rib in turn and concluded that the right and left rib cage 4th and 5th ribs had indeed suffered some degree of fracture but was just going to leave things be. The chest pain has been more sever than my mashed ankle but happily it’s such a relief to tell you that it’s definitely easing.
Before I forget I must tell you an odd thing. On the day I was discharged from hospital the ward doctor and the ward nurse came to me and explained how I was to continue taking the very strong pain killing drugs that I had been taking while in hospital but half jokingly said that if they detected a spike in the increase of these drugs coming from my area the police would be at my door because these pain killers are in big demand by druggies. For whatever reason I don’t know. Anyway the time came and because I was immobile I phoned the local hospital for a repeat prescription of these strong painkillers which were to be delivered right away. Well I waited a couple of days and phoned the chemist to see when my pills would be delivered but they claimed they hadn’t received my prescription so I phoned the hospital who claimed the prescription had been issued. So I’m now thinking Hmm. However, I managed to get another prescription and my daughter picked up the painkillers that day.
Today I needed more of these strong painkillers and got a prescription from my doctor. I learned today that these drugs could only be dispensed by a chemist and because I was going to collect them after attending Borders General Hospital they were to be stored in a safe until I came for them and eventually handed over to my daughter by means of two signatures. Blooming heck, (I’m really thinking something else.)
Today I attended Borders General Hospital due to my legs swelling and was ultrasound scanned for Deep Vain Thrombosis which I’m glad to report proved negative and told to start trying to get more exercise now that pain is abating. Fine, Flash Gordon’s on a half marathon tomorrow son and up that road I’ll be going like fire.
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