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[The quick guide to the smallpox vaccine racket.  Main page and index: Smallpox.  In depth exposure: The Smallpox Hoax.  They knew how to cure smallpox in the 17th century as Sydenham had a 98% cure rate, yet they tried to kill him with a duel.  They also campaigned against Sanitation reform, as Biggs exposed1!  Then Natural Healers had 98-100% cure rates in the 19th century (see: Dangers of smallpox), and the whole city of Leicester refused to vaccinate for decades and exposed them completely.  They knew, of course, smallpox was a disease of (no) Sanitation, and any idiot could tell that cutting septic pus, called Vaccine ‘Lymph’, into babies arms would only kill and spread diseases such as Leprosy, Erysipelas, Smallpox, Syphilis, TB, etc, so there is no doubt smallpox vaccination was attempted murder, as Shaw said in 1911.   If that isn’t enough then the statistics prove smallpox epidemics followed mass vaccination, Philippines 1905-1920 being notable, and Biggs statistics from Leicester are damning, which proves the statement from National Anti-Vaccination League that  (1877) ‘that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination’.  While only 10% of the world was vaccinated, which is damning in itself.  Yet this is how they saved us from smallpox, not only is that a lie, bad enough, but it’s way worse than that, smallpox vaccination KILLED MILLIONS DELIBERATELY. ]

See vaccine banners:  VACCINATION IS CHILD ABUSE Refutations to Pro-Vax Memes Celebrity vaccine critics Statistics Vaccine autism  Vaccine death  Kalokerinos Statistics Vitamin C  Vaccine disease Vaccine ingredients Virology VAERS
See smallpox vax banners: Bayly  Biggs Shaw, Bernard Creighton Wallace  Hadwen  Tilden Hay Jenner

The Great Smallpox Lie
The Truth
[LIE: kills 1/3rd. LIE: Virulent. LIE: No cure] Smallpox death rate 2-0% under Natural Healers and Homeopaths (no need to vaccinate)
b) Same story now with Vitamin C cure for infections:
Vaccine ‘lymph’ and spread of infections (Leprosy, Syphilis, Smallpox, Hepatitis….)
Unvaccinated Leicester death rate fraction of its high vaccination years and compared to the Army
Statistic lies
Declined in 2% vaccinated Australia
Epidemics followed compulsory vaccination
Huge death rate due to vaccination
Hiding smallpox deaths
Most victims vaccinated
Unvaccinated lie
Proper sanitation the cause of the decline
Disease of overcrowded unsanitary cities

A mighty and horrible monster, with the horns of a bull, the hind hoofs of a horse, the jaws of a krakin, the teeth and claws of a tiger, the tail of a cow, all the evils of Pandora’s box in his belly, plague, pestilence, leprosy, purple blotches, foetid ulcers, and filthy running sores covering his body, and an atmosphere of accumulated disease, pain and death around him, has made his appearance in the world, and devours mankind,–especially poor helpless infants,–not by scores only, or hundreds, or thousands, but by hundreds of thousands of thousands (vide Vaccinae Vindicia, p. 413 and 423).
This monster has been named vaccination; and his progressive havoc among the human race, has been dreadful and most alarming.
Yet, strange to tell, this monster has found not only a multitude of friends but worshipers, who prostrate themselves before him, and encourage his voracious appetite.
Do not the men, the heroes–who first dared to stand forth to arrest the progress, and stop the fatal havoc of this most dreadful and destructive monster, and at length have bravely subdued and put him to flight with all his mighty host, merit an obelisk erected to their fame, with their names inscribed upon it, in indelible characters, to be held in grateful remembrance through all future generations?
And are not these names MOSELEY, ROWLEY, BIRCH, SQUIRRELL, LIPSCOMB?–(vide Frontpiece).  Image


Lymph  Leprosy (vaccine damage)


The Great Smallpox Lie

All seeing eye Medical lies Lies (smallpox vaccination)  Dangers of smallpox


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