Depression Is Just An Excuse To Behave Badly?

Is depression merely an excuse to behave badly? Paul Joseph Watson could not secure ‘health expert’ JK Rowling, so he discusses depression with kick-box champion Andrew Tate who imitated a reaction with his Tweet:

“Depression isn’t real. You feel sad. Move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it. Thread.”

What They’re Not Telling You About Depression

They mention Churchill and Robin Williams. Interesting discussion, but Alex Jones and co still view Churchill as a war hero. They should try researching the Focus Group and Churchill’s desperate desire for a war.

I’d join the Twitter debate, but Twitter have blocked me… the latest from 12.09.2017:

Your account features will remain locked or limited for the allotted time due to violations of the Twitter Rules (, specifically our rules around abuse.
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Abuse? You mean such as this Twitter?


2 Responses to “Depression Is Just An Excuse To Behave Badly?”

  1. Gordon says:

    A lot of interesting points included in the above video clearly pointing to the fact that depression is insular and myopic, were the individual is concerned only with an over indulgence of “I” “me” and “self” creating an attitude of “Woe Am I,” “It’s Not Fair.”

    From time to time we all get sad, even depressed because of one thing or another, but the fact is life goes on regardless and we each must draw our attention away from the self and caring for the “Other.” The other being anything other than oneself. In this way one becomes more outward and outgoing, serving and being of service to others which returns ones worth and self esteem.

    If you find that you are sad or depressed know that you are not alone, millions have gone before you and millions will come after you. Pick yourself up and brush off the dust, stretch out a helping hand, learn to be outgoing and above all know that someone somewhere loves you, if not here below, certainly from there above.

  2. NPP says:

    That comment made the post worth posting. I have known black dog as many of us have, but I have not gone into Dresden mode as did heralded black dogger Churchill.
    Alex Jones presents a sensational service despite the tedious ads and endless motor mouth… his historical knowledge could leave many BBC pundits far behind, but then he infers a limited knowledge of e.g. Winston.

    There is a current drive to push mental disorder. Be aware everyone.

    Cheers Gordon.

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