Clive James: Mass Death Dies Hard

Clive James: ‘Climate Alarmists Were Bound To Run Out Of Credibility’

Date: 31/07/17
Global Warming Policy Foundation
The legendary author, poet, journalist and humorist, Clive James has recently been casting a weary eye over the state of the climate debate and has concluded that climate alarmists are on the ropes:
“The proponents of man-made climate catastrophe asked us for so many leaps of faith that they were bound to run out of credibility in the end.”
Nevertheless, he warns that everyone else should be on their guard: scaremongering is such an addictive power that the unscrupulous will soon launch some other scare:
“For as long as the climate change fad lasted, it always depended on poppycock; and it would surely be unwise to believe that mankind’s capacity to believe in fashionable nonsense can be cured by the disproportionately high cost of a temporary embarrassment. I’m almost sorry that I won’t be here for the ceremonial unveiling of the next threat.”
Clive James’ survey of the state of the climate debate was published in the new book Climate Change: The Facts 2017, a review of the science and policy of climate change recently released by Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs. It has been republished as a standalone essay by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Clive James: ‘Climate Alarmists Were Bound To Run Out Of Credibility’
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