British Government is trying to cover-up Westminster links to child abuse

Thousands of children in care go missing every year…
New Ofsted report highlights failings in data for missing children…

I know everything that’s going on in his constituency party. 21st September 2016

Anyone with any sense, who was in trouble would come to the Whips and tell them the truth, and say now, “I’m in a jam, can you help?” It might be debt, it might be a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal which a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come and ask if we could help.

And if we could, we did. We would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points. That sounds a pretty nasty reason but one of the reasons is, if we can get a chap out of trouble, he’ll do as we ask forever more.

Reports not current situation, but events in the last few years.  Brian Gerrish sums it up.  MPs do nothing.  Police do nothing.  They all sit on reports coming into them.  The trail of child abuse leads straight into Westminster.

Geoffrey Dickens referred to.  He was an MP who handed in a report on child abuse to Leon Brittan, the then Home Secretary.  Nothing happened.  Police did nothing.  The media turned against Dickens, and the whole thing was buried.

McKelvie raised concern about prominent politicians being involved in child sex abuse in mid-90s.  Peter Righton.  Only when the Jimmy savile case broke was he taken seriously.  Tom Watson began asking questions in Parliament linking child abuse back to No 10.  Politicians are involved in child abuse.  No serious Police investigation has ever taken place.  The only name being accused publicly was Leon Brittan.

Later on he conveniently ‘died’.


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