Britain’s paramilitary Police illegally prevent peaceful protest against fracking and become part of the corporate fracking programme

Police remove Protectors from anti-#frackingblackade at Third Energy #frack site, North Yorkshire. 14th September 2017.  The Police have been reframed, told to believe that anyone can be a terrorist, trained to inflict pain when arresting by use of pressure points, instructed to illegally carry out the corporate fracking programme.  Campaigner bringing court action to prevent Police being used illegally by INEOS.  Case starts 11th September.  Support needed in Yorkshire.  Get up there.  If you can.  Numbers matter.  MOney needed to fund court case.  Details below or see Ian Crane’s latest Humanity versus Insanity video on Youtube with Brian Gerrish.

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Campaigner to fight Ineos in court over order curbing fracking protests 11th September 2017

The Advancing Corporate Police State meets determined opposition. Join the movement.

UK FRACKING Regulators mean well … BUT are Toothless! 8th September 2017

Frackers THIRD ENERGY breach their Traffic Management Plan … on DAY ONE! 7th September 2017

The Corporate Police State reaches North Yorkshire 6th September 2017

Kirby Misperton Corporate Police assisting Fracking briefing 5th September 2017

Campaigners launch last-ditch appeal to stop fracking in Lancashire 29th August 2017

From David Mortimer, Milton Keynes.


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