BREAKING: London “Terror” Attack @ Parsons Green – A Closer Look | Lift the Veil

On his new channel Lift The Veil Too, Nathan Stolpman gets right into the nitty gritty, analysing this latest media event.  He finds the usual pattern is in play and the usual agencies. Politicians are using the event to blame the internet, and calling for more Policing of London, more armed Police and troops.  People traumatised by the event.  He exposes the bullshit.  It was all staged.   Just happened to be there on the train was a defence specialist.  Hmmm! (Her interview is not so convincing).  Police attended armed, literally instantaneously, she says (How did they know to be there?). Reporters too.  Emphasis on children being exposed.  Sympathy, horror accentuated.  Promise of more attacks to come, not just in London, but also elsewhere – not to cause alarm of course.  Government wants internet closed down – Trump joins in the attack.

They ‘got the guy’ on the CCTV.  More Police and troops to be placed on the streets.

Call-in second part of the snow.  Brits talking and agreeing with Nathan mostly.  He’s very calm and good at detailed analysis, as usual.


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