Blocked? But, Still They Invite Me To Twitter For Business

My latest communication following my Twitter block / ban… yet they have sent me an e-mail: Twitter for Business. So, I have replied…

Attention Twitter Support & Twitter Info,

Why are you sending me Twitter for Business when you have blocked my account?

‘Give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.’
Yeah, right. So funny.

I do know you and Jack Dorsey are politically slanted and promote false ideologies such as man made climate change, violent movements such as Antifa, globalist agendas and Collectivism, but inviting me to engage ‘Bushiness with Twitter’ is ridiculous.

Regardless, thank you for further adding material to my ‘Twitter’ story; you are the organ that just keeps giving.


My latest e-mail from Twitter…

Expand your audience with Twitter
Get out there

We want to help you get more out of Twitter.

You have something to say. And an awareness campaign is the best way to spread your message to a wider audience on Twitter. This campaign type focuses on attracting impressions for your Tweets. Any Retweets, followers, or page views you also get are bonus engagements that you aren’t charged for.

To learn more about spreading your word on Twitter, check out our awareness campaign.
Follow us @TwitterBusiness for other insights and updates or try Twitter Ads, which amplifies your efforts on Twitter.

Back to me: I can but conclude this company has a bimbo mentality…. watch this space for further up-dates.

Twitter does not monitor emails sent to this address

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lots of information and answers in our help articles:

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