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The New World Order. Is it here? Is it on the way? What does the New World Order really mean? Leaving aside the conspiracy theory definition where a secret elite has been planning to replace nations states and install a ‘one world government’, a few notable 20th century politicians used the term (most of them from Western nations) to describe a new period of history characterized by a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power after the 20th century’s 2 world wars.

That ‘new balance of power’ when referred to by Woodrow Wilson, Churchill and George HW Bush, was decidedly weighted towards the USA and its allies. Bush used the term along with Gorbachev to describe a post Cold War era and a spirit of co-operation between the ‘Great Powers’. But in 1990, when Bush and Gorbachev made their speech, Russia was no longer a ‘great power’, and Bush felt comfortable qualifying the idea of ‘co-operation’ by saying “there is no substitute for American leadership”. The post WW2 and post Cold War New World Order was in reality a euphemism for the ‘New American Century’ where America would reign supreme and unchallenged.

As we sit here in the year 2017 and look at the world around us, we see that America’s vision for a NWO and New American Century is in shambles, with the architects of the American Empire reduced to setting fire (literally and figuratively) to countries in a futile attempt to stave off the moment of its complete collapse.

This week on BTH we’ll be taking a look at the real new world order that is taking shape and how it radically diverges from the supposedly well laid plans of the Western political elite. We’ll also be gazing into our crystal balls to predict what moves on the grand chessboard can be expected as the anglo-American empire builders grow increasingly desperate.

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