Back In Twit Land

I’m back in Twatter land!

I was blocked for this ‘abusive’ Tweet:

They give explanations such as this…

Twatter is openly criticising President Trump. On BBC R4 Today, perhaps one of the most bias, appallingly useless news programmes out there, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams accused Trump of ‘dumbiing down’. Really? I find Trump raises the game, but obviously there are those who disagree. I suggest Trump is so much brighter than his dull minded critics.
Donald Trump is ‘symptom’ of click-bait says Twitter co-founder Evan Williams
Click-bait is “dumbing down” the world, one of the founders of Twitter has said.
Evan Williams told the Today programme that ad-driven media is making people more stupid. He argued that Donald Trump and his tweets were merely a “symptom” of a bigger problem.
He said the president’s tweets were a symptom of click-bait.

… people such as Evan William are out of touch. We know what click-bait is e.g.

It is extraordinary the way people, even people I know in my private life, openly call Trump and Nigel Farage white supremacists, racists, sexists etc. As far as I understand, there is no evidence against either that would stand in a court of law. I bet you could find plenty of evidence against e.g. Bill Clinton if it were allowed to go to court.

Look at the Tweet by Jemele Hill calling President Donald Trump “a white supremacist” and a “bigot”:
… yet my Tweet was viewed as abusive. BBC R4 are bimos and I suggest my term is gentle compared to the more brutal words they deserve. For example, this £3.7billion tax payer funded organ has promoted the White Helmets, stood by the foreign invasion and murder of Syrians and pushed for the over throw of President Assad. I’d say that is pretty abusive. Yet, BBC anchor John Humphrys keeps collecting from the taxpayer pot…



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