9/11? It was Iran say the Saudis!?

Is it inevitable the 9/11 myth will crack? Lionel discusses how 9/11 was his red pill moment while the Saudis are looking to blame Iran….
America’s Mandatory Red Pill Moment 16 Years Ago Today — Lionel on “Real News With David Knight”
Sixteen Years Ago Today Was My Red Pill Moment


State owned Saudi propaganda tries to blame 9/11 on Iran:
State owned Saudi propaganda television channel Al Arabiya is set to release a “documentary” produced in the United States which seeks to implicate Iran in the 9/11 attacks whose 16 year anniversary will be commemorated this month.
The preposterously untrue Saudi claims come as new information in a 9/11 related lawsuit accuses Saudi officials of financing a “dry run” of 9/11 prior to the commencement of the atrocity….

The wonderful Mike Robinson from UK Column says we should move on and examine the illegitimate activities still being perpetuated by those who were part of the 9/11 crime.
I view 9/11 as a watershed event. If we can address this event properly, it can affect so much in the eternal search for truths, hence yet another 9/11 post.


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