1/4 of British people are anti-Semitic says JPR

Grenfell Tower the government”s story, UK armed forces pro €U propaganda, missing children and the anti-Semitic British. Another fun news show from UK Column!

UK Column News – 14th September 2017
Grenfell Tower enquiry. Procedure layout by an unqualified chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick to make judgement on others. This is being managed to be a government run enquiry.

UN opened a new session. Mike makes the point of difference between human innate rights and the rights given by a nation state.
NPP: The UN is a global governance body, not for the benefit of individuals, but for the benefit of those who think they know what”s best for everyone else.

€U & Poland friction. Junker wants a US of €U, but does anyone else?

British Forces Broadcasting Service ice cream vans offering free ice cream? Over arching organisation The Services Sound & Vision Corporation providing a mix of news and video and film sections for armed personal. Pro-€U material, warnings against Brexit.
Brian: government propaganda being pushed through a charity.

Data Protection Law: we are apparently leaving the €U# but take over all the €U data protection laws!? Financial Services Sector will be exempt of course.  Matthew Handycock says we are giving people more control over their data and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you…

More questions about the UK prison system. 3,000 people in prison for ‘public protection’ do not know when they will be released.

Association of Chief Police Officers Nov 2012 reported 330,000 missing persons in the UK. An ACPO officer told Brian 30,000 children missing per year.
Difficult securing accurate data on missing persons.
Mike: we obfuscate the statistics each year by changing the methodology.
Brian: crudely, we’re missing 1,800 children per year. Figures are purposefully made complicated# blurred# so we do not know how many children are missing in this country…. but, apparently we do know a 1/4 of British people hold anti-Semitic attitudes…
Honorary President:m Lord Rothschild OM
Who Benefits From Our Work?
http://www.jpr.org.uk/beneficiaries…. including the BBC.

Brian: you couldn’t make it up, we don”t have to.


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