Yournewswire by Sean Adl-Tabatabai now

Message from Icke….

We have been banned by Facebook for three days for posting a link to an external website exposing that the notorious fake news site Yournewswire, run by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, has now manifested as

Others have been banned many times and for much longer for postings related to the same website/character which use a fake ‘journalist’ called Baxter Dmitry, who doesn’t exist, to ‘write’ so many fake stories that they have their own archive on fact-checker websites.

Facebook claim to be targeting ‘fake news’ (an excuse to target the genuine alternative media) but people are banned for exposing these fake news sites? What is going on?

Others might choose to post this link to Facebook and see how widespread this censorship policy really is …

The non-existent ‘Baxter Dmitry’ in two guises – the man on the right is actually a friend of Sean Adl-Tabatabai called David Hardy.

‘As of a few hours ago all links to articles on the notorious fake news website seem to be getting redirected to The move has not been officially announced on the site as far as we can tell. It seems likely the move is an effort to dodge various fake news filters on social media and in search engines by swapping a ‘burned’ domain name for a (pre-aged) untainted one.

If you search Google for “” several of the top results indicate the site is fake news (having your own dedicated category on is a dead giveaway).’

Read more: Fake News Website YourNewsWire Renames Itself As NewsPunch

Please circulate far and wide


5 Responses to “Yournewswire by Sean Adl-Tabatabai now”

  1. quenelka says:

    NEWS PUN ch
    NEW SPUN ch

    It doesnt matter what they are called, clearly it is an attempt to delegitimise news via the internet. I have seen tabeloid rag Metro quote their stories and ridicule them. They serve a useful function for the msm and it sounds like Facebook are in on it too

  2. Mr Dude says:

    Well said Quenelka. Sean Adl tabatobollocks deliberately ran Icke’s People’s Voice TV station into the ground after steering it towards a rabidly pro-gay agenda. He then made off to LA with the remaining funds and his convicted thief husband. You couldn’t make it up.

    Unfortunately the comedic value in all of the above is somewhat lost when one considers he wasted around half a million pounds of crowd funded contributions raised in David Icke’s name. The way that Icke just accepted this and rolled over, was deeply perplexing and puzzling.

    Recently the GLP forum took Yournewswire to task and asked them to confirm the veracity of an article about Justin Bieber purportedly making comments about the music industry being run by paedos and satanists.

    YNW failed to respond.

    The man’s a chancer. But a paid chancer. The worst sort of the bloody lot.

    • quenelka says:

      I wondered what happened to Peoples Voice TV.
      Funnily enough it sounds similar to what is happening at The Rebel, if you go on youtube and listen to Ezra claiming he is being blackmailed and some gay guy who was a camera man for them filming Tommy Robinson

  3. Mr Dude says:

    YNW have also been peddling a load of utter shite about the queen – allegedly from a ‘BBC Source’ and again completely unverified. They’re click bait and red herring merchants. To be filed in the same waste basket as flat earther psyop Feds.


  4. Mr Dude says:

    I’m no royalist btw.

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