The Great Russian/Putin Deception In Syria And Middle East

This story tallies quite well with the ‘Putin’s been replaced with a double’ meme as posted last week.

Published on Jun 21, 2017

American high technology is fuelling the rise of Soviet Union 2.0

That technology is stolen by Israel and its penetration of the US and WORLD high technology sector.

Russians dominate and run the Israeli high technology sector. They run the education sector. They run the body politic. They are all the doctors, PHD’s and electrical and standard engineers.

Most do not identify as “Jewish”. Many are Russian Orthodox Christians.

It can be argued that Israel has been taken over by Orthodox Christians.
The US is being forced out of the Middle East. A short economic collapse will see the US population brought under control and leading dissidents rounded up.

Russia is a better allie of Israel as it finishes off the Gaza Strip and Hamas. Hezbollah will be severely depleted and The Yinon Plan for a Christian state in southern Lebanon possibly created.

Russian could not give a damn about Muslims dying. The most brutal oppressors of Palestinians are Russian Israeli’s.

With the US dissident community in tatters – it will leave only Alex Jones left. He is busy getting his own TV station set up. He is being funded by the same Israeli connected system that funded and set up the Evangelical/Zionist/Hagee Christian sector. They can fill a 30,000 person stadium with multi million dollar stage sets and TV and cable stations. Alex Jones will dominate this.

The “attack” on Alex Jones and Trump is a staged fraud. They will come out stronger than ever. It is still possible the USMC may step in – hence why I fight.

But watch Jones come out the “manufactured” voice of the American Patriot.

The spirit that created the United States cannot be quelled. What they cannot quell they control – hence Trump. The grass roots organic patriotic, nationalistic movement had to be controlled and re-diverted AWAY from rooting out the Slavic based, political Zionist parasite that has infected the American body politic in a Bolshevik “slow” take over of the United States.

That “energy” will now be directed “outwards” in to a renewed Soviet era “Cold War” with a resurgent Russia and “New America” AGAIN facing off against each other.

Israel and Netanyahu will handle the Middle East and Arab Nationalism.

The U.K will regain it’s pre-eminant role in world affairs.

This is a Jewish Banking, Rothschild, City of London, operation.

A full and complete take over of the United States amplifying its “nationalistic” character will take place. However, the control will be total and that patriotic fervour will be directed OUTWARDS against the new manufactured enemy – Russia and it’s coming union with Europe – after Trump demands (under orders from Putin and Rothschild) the dismantling of NATO.

Read Anatoliy Golitzyn, “New Lies For Old”.

This is history in the making.

God Bless the USMC. May their M4’s be well oiled and their trigger fingers itchy on the enemy within.


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