The cat is out of the bag – Al Gore’s latest film BOMBS

Gore’s movie sequel goes bust. Fans allege sabotage, but Americans may be smarter than he thought.

‘This was not supposed to happen’: Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th in weekend ratings at the box office. Investors are screaming at the studio for not doing more to promote it.

“Fact is the cats out of the bag,” says Centurion. “Every prediction Gore has made has been wrong and the science is also catching up with him. The lies are being openly discussed and the fabrications are being noted often enough by sound scientific authorities that the Climate Change argument is loosing steam.

“The real problem>>> few people are ready for the cold. That is what is scary.”

Marc Morano, Wm. Craig Barnard, Centurian, Bill and Laurel

 An overweight resource-abusing blowhard

“The goracle and many other ex pollies etc all have the same motto,” says Laurel. “NEVER let the Truth get in the way of a good story AND a way to make more money!”

“Actually explains why the Pope is so willing to agree also. They gotta find a way to raise even more money from the poor to pay for their errant “brothers” who couldn’t keep themselves TO hemselves.

And hey, fears always worked so well for so many religions,
goracle is just using the same system himself. His imagination sees him as the planet’s crusader/saviour of mankind, while everyone else sees him now, and increasingly, as an overweight resource-abusing blowhard and an annoying git who doesn’t know when to stuff and leave whiles he’s ahead.



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