The BBC Hold The Party Line On Diana

8-31-97 — The Day Princess Di Was Assassinated and the Mystery of Why You’re So Afraid to Speak Up

Unlawful Killing by Keith Allen:
I was in Istanbul the day I received a call from the UK and heard the news.
I just caught the tail end of a BBC 5 Live programme on Diana:
Episode 6: The Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Typical BBC BS. It featured among others so called journalist and film maker Martyn Gregory – he’s written books don’t you know:
Of course they mention the hundreds of what they term ridiculous conspiracy theories. You may ask why William and Harry tow the party line; surely they would want to explore the possibilities of any suspicion and doubt.
Unlawful Killing presents questions still to be asked.
As Lionel says, to this day the Kennedy family do not raise questions publicly about the JFK murder and it seems William and Harry follow a similar approach.
I smelt a rat the day I heard the news and I still smell rat. For those of you who accuse I and others of not letting it lie, go eat your GMO Kellogg s Cornflakes, take your flu vaccines, keep calling Trump and white supremacist and whatever you do, do not raise at an eye-brow at the Antifa ‘peace protestors’.
Oh, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


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