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With Gordon injured, the blog is now down to Tapestry, NPP and a few occasionals such as Gordon Logan.   Tapestry is travelling today and may not be able to blog much in the next ten days.  I am sure we will all send in posts as we can and when we feel inspired.

Meantime, there are thousands of posts in the back catalogue and an entry in the search box can bring up many posts, if there are any topics that interest you.

My current ‘read’ is watching Chris Everard’s work on Enigma (pay for) TV.  I would say the price is well worth it (£28 per annum).  I’ve bought one of his books in the past, and found his writing OK but not riveting.  His camera work is of another level entirely, really gripping and interesting, with lots of important material.  He really goes where no one else has gone!  The first two I watched were Murder By The Monarchy, and Lady Die.

While I’m on here recommending other peoples’ work, I cannot recommend highly enough Richard D Hall’s series on Madeleine McCann, findable on his channel www.richplanet.net.  That will mesmerise anyone for the ten hours or so that they last for, and rivet you to your chair.  You could then wade through some of his other work, on animal mutilations and investigations into alien visitations, if you wish.  Very important as a background to other subjects.

I’m taking two books on Russia with me on holiday, one by Alexander Litvinenko, and the other by Anna Politkovskaya, both murdered by pro-Putin agents.  I am still leaning to the theory that Putin (possibly dead) has since been replaced with a double, who may be sympathetic to the establishing of a New World Order, possibly with Russia controlling The Middle East, as the US withdraws.  I am sure there are no books around (yet) which would flesh out such theories.  We’ll need to develop the thinking on here, as usual, and look for clues as we go along.

Let’s hope Gordon makes a full recovery.  I haven’t heard any more from his daughter yet.


3 Responses to “Tap Blog goes on”

  1. NPP says:

    Hear hear re Gordon.

    Re Putin, could be, seems unlikely, but then so much is so crazy it does seem unlikely from our solid world cold light of day to day living.

    A Turkish friend once suggested impossible is impossible.

    Happy hols TAP!

  2. Mr Dude says:

    Gordon is going to be fine. He’s been remote healed by angels per Grumpier’s “Angel Help” thread at GLP. You may think this is bollocks until you read the testimonials on that 125+ page thread. 100% success rate from all over the world!

    They took his case on instantly. Lucky Gordon!

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