Rename Washing DC? Tear Down The Lenin Statue Too!

I’m laughing – gotta laugh or you cry. The fuss about a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia has even brought out former Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush to criticize President Trump and join the call to “reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism and hatred in all forms”. When the Bush’s criticize some one, surely common sense might suggest that some one might be right.

In Turkey there has been a recent spate of damaging statues of Atatürk. If you were to damage the Turkish flag in public an entire nation might rise up and get angry at you. I confess, it does not bother me to see the Union Jack damaged; it’s a piece of material and it simply does not bother me. I do not even buy poppies on Remembrance Day for my own reasons, but have long memorized the seven names of the sacrificial lambs on our village WWI war memorial though.

Jack Posobiec does have a point in this video, demanding a statue of Lenin in Seattle be torn down.
The chanting is rather silly and not my thing, but he does make a salient point. If you have researched the absolute horror and mass murder conducted by the Bolshevik Marxists, they apparently far out number the 3rd Reich in terms of death and destruction, but we have a left-leaning corporate media that avoids telling that side of the story. Churchill was sponsored by the Focus Group? Antony C. Sutton’s books on Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, FDR and Hitler? George Soros funding violent demonstration? Ssshhhh!

Being a member of any club, Alt-Left, Alt-Right, a religious group, an atheist group, a Black group, White group, a Male group, Female group or the Cock’n’khunt-bit-o-both group simply is not my thing.

But, President Trump was correct; where does it stop? Should they rename Washington DC?! These are silly times. Keep your sense of humour about you, it may come in handy.


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