Professional Sports Pantomime

I could not give a fig about the Olympics or athletics in general. Last night I heard Steve Cram, yet another thick stupid moron, warbling on about drugs cheats and this Gatling / Bolt business. I heard a crowd booing Gatling; a stadium of clapping seals. These idiots all have a democratic right to vote and yet are incapable of thinking for themselves. Let people take whatever they want. Scan the athletes immediately post race and publish the contents of their bodies. This drug business is childish. The labels ‘doping’ and ‘drugs’ are ridiculous. Each of you who booed – bimbo!

The likes of fat-boy Steven Nolan on BBC 5 Live who love to stir up the drama over this cobblers are bimbos. The mind boggles. Let’s dope test all the MP’s! The war on drugs is bollocks. The opium fields of Afghanistan are probably distributed by taxpayer funded military hardware, but the public are so daft and dumb, they only react when led to do so against the likes of Gatling. I understand Gatling’s first ‘drug ban’ was over medication for attention deficit disorder; the same kind of ‘drugs’ administered to children for ADHD? Yes, a bullshit label for poor nutrition, yet exploited by moron ‘expert’ doctors who are the ‘drug’ dealers for corporate pharmaceutical interests who operate on behalf of organs such the Tavistock Institute, but my community are so stupid, they hardly know what Tavistock is or might be.

Right now the presstitute BBC 5 Live are still in a tizzy about this and the public calling in like fish to the bait.

… and Arsene Wenger, stick to your football and keep out of our €U Brexit business. I want frickin’ out!


World Championships 2017: Justin Gatlin booed during gold medal ceremony


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