Papier Mache Robert E Lee bends in half as Police block off street

Nathan Stolpman analyses comical effects of papier mache statue (supposedly bronze on granite base) being pulled over and impacting on the ground.

Re Barcelona I saw a film clip of supposed casualties.  As usual all lying comfortably on their backs, sirens blaring, blood sachets and the usual theatre.  I saw a version of the next video without casualties video-screened.  There was nothing that looked like a real injury on any of the bodies filmed.  Others can add their analysis as we go.

I guess we’ll need to wait for Ole Dammegard’s proper analysis to be sure.  Fake news is now the norm.


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  1. quenelka says:

    It really is a metal statue, watch the video without the sound

    • Tapestry says:

      Bronze is not a soft metal. If the granite plinth was so easy to detach, it would be hazardous.

      • quenelka says:

        I am not sure what you are suggesting, perhaps that these people rigged up a fake plinth and statue in public and nobody has noticed this. Would they not look foolish if they were found out?
        I did a bit of calculations to guess the safety.
        granite density 2.7gm3
        I estimate plinth to be
        100cm x 100cm x 40cm = 400000
        x 2.7 then / by 1000
        = 1080 kg take off a bit for the rounding of the top it still weighs more than 700kg.
        together with the weight of the sculpture its a hefty weight, so what would be a hazard about it, might get blown off by the wind?
        You should look up how bronze sculptures are made, they are suprisingly thin, and bronze really is a soft metal. The sculptor has to account for this with the design of the sculpture in order to balance the weight.

  2. Tapestry says:

    A ton of plinth bounced nicely. How much pressure would be needed to get it moving were it a ton? Surely that amount of pressure would bend the bronze before it fell. Something seemed odd about it.

    What are you suggesting? That the event was not orchestrated when Police were blocking roads and not controlling the supposed mob? Of course the materials could have been swapped in advance to make it easier to pull down.
    As for bronze, it is harder than iron.

    Wikipedia – Though bronze is generally harder than wrought iron, with Vickers hardness of 60–258 vs. 30–80,[11] the Bronze Age gave way to the Iron Age after a serious disruption of the tin trade: the population migrations of around 1200–1100 BC reduced the shipping of tin around the Mediterranean and from Britain, limiting supplies and raising prices.[12] As the art of working in iron improved, iron became cheaper and improved in quality.

  3. quenelka says:

    I agree it looks odd, thats the first statue I have seen bend and crumple, but then the other ones such as Saddam were most likely made thicker due to their size.

    If you look at the video posted on
    this is from a different angle, you see the granite causes the sculpture to buckle then it rolls onto the grass, it doesnt seem to bounce, it appears consistent with the bronze dampening its movement.
    I can’t explain why the police negligently allowed the destruction of property apart from that maybe they were ordered not to interfere by politically motivated higher ups?

    • Tapestry says:

      It is surprising that the plinth was not fixed to the pillar below and was so easy to pull off. I am no engineer to work out what forces were needed to pull the plinth off the pillar. If the bronze was thin, surely it would have bent when being pulled rather than levering off the plinth? Great thread here! Comments are often curtailed on the blog nowadays so people can’t get a thread going. Nathan Stolpman’s analysis is always highly persuasive, but he’s not always sharp on all the details, more an overview merchant. Good to watch, and perceptive about people. We all have our limits!

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