My guess is that Washington DC has a city under it that is several miles down.

says Jim Stone.

It has been there for a while, and was probably built to give Washington DC a way to survive a nuclear war. It was probably built in the 1950’s and 1960’s and has probably been expanded and upgraded significantly since.

Earlier I said that 35 years ago was when I noticed the vents. It was actually more like over 40 years ago. Back then I thought nothing of it and only noticed how the homeless people would sleep on them because they were warm and always blew warm air out. But back then, life was good and there was “no such thing as conspiracy” so I thought nothing of the vents. Times have definitely changed.

So I’ll speculate, based on all the cumulative things I have seen, from all the different times I have been in DC (so many I can’t number them)

The city is at least 6X10 miles. That’s 60 square miles. I do not know if that is all continuous or if there are pockets, but the way these vents are spread out, it has to be that big. They are along the highway, in neighborhoods, and really concentrated in the heavily used government areas. These vents are in areas that are not even populated, out in the woods wherever woods are in the DC area.

It could be a scenario where the city is only a few square miles, but is built in separable sections connected by tunnels. 60 square miles sounds like a lot, but to that end, WHERE DID ALL OUR TAXES GO? They’d certainly pay that particular bill if it is that big. But I bet it is a max total of 20 square miles.

However, there is no question whatsoever that there is something enormous under DC, with exactly how enormous being irrelevant for the most part.

All enormous underground facilities have to get rid of excess heat. All the lights, appliances, and whatever else cumulatively generates enormous heat that has to be shed to the surface or over time the whole thing will become a boiling pot. This is noticeable even with skyscrapers. So the steaming vents are an absolute dead giveaway that there is something huge under DC, and I’d bet it is miles down, where even the earth’s heat has to be gotten rid of (miners know this, when mines get extremely deep they get hot) and it would not surprise me at all if whatever is under DC is so far under that heat from the earth’s core is an issue.

At any rate, there are pictures of these vents on the conspiracy files CD. Originally they were for a facility designed national defense and survival, but with the garbage that has infested the government of late, all they will do nowadays is ensure the survival of corruption.


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