MH17 a hoax, to make Russia the enemy in the public’s mind

Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 23 July 2014
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Hacked Emails Prove arch-Zionist Ihor Kolomoisky is Behind MH17 Hoax

Revelation thanks to one of our posters. This is an enormous find, acting as hard proof against the Zionist cabal. The goal: the solicitation of a world war aimed against the Russian Federation.

It is rabid Zionist Jew Ihor Kolomoisky, along with other Zionist collaborators, who is behind the false flag act of the fake crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. The emails implicate the entire vile Zionist cabal in this treacherous event.

Many thanks to YouTuber ‘Sherry’ for this assessment:

No longer available.

Filthy, murder-soliciting rabid Zionist Jew Jason P. Gresh acts as the Mossad liason:
Here he is with the Zionist-sponsored thugs in the Ukrainian military.

He knows his Russian well, like any good murderous Bolshevik-like Zionist spy.

Per PressTV in early 2014 the anticipated area of the phony crash  had already been mapped out; Russia would be blamed, with heavy emphasis on scandalizing Putin.

This map, which was attached to a terror plan email, shows where the plane wreckage of a terror attack is to be found

The motive is vile jealousy of the Zionists of the financial advancement of Russian through its BRIC financial powerhouse, that is Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

BRIC just signed a multi-billion dollar deal for even further cooperation. The Zionists seek to crush it through an US invasion of the Ukraine, Russia’s avenue to Europe (primarily via the Black Sea).

Zionist infiltrators in the Pentagon had plotted the false flag act, using their assets in the Ukraine, notably the Ihor Kolomoisky terror network:

“Frame-up” means what it says, to create a false flag act and then blame it on the ‘enemy,’ in this case the Russian Federation.

In two separate publishing of the emails, Gresh addresses the incriminating one to “Ihor.” Alternatively, it has been published as “Igor.” Both given names are taken by Ihor Kolomoisky. Moreover, only he has a Network of spies and terrorists in the Ukrainian nation:


From a write-up in PressTV:


The use of the term “network” implicates this criminal mind.

Notice how the Zionist perpetrator speaks in code. MH17 is a false flag act orchestrated by the Zionist cabal. The crash never happened. ‘Scrap metal’ merely represents torn-up parts of decommissioned passenger jets. The ‘metal’ was taken to the site, and the entire event was staged.

To be updated as soon as possible.


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sent to The Tap by Gordon Logan as follows in comment –

The CIA Ukraine coup installed an illegal regime. From Soros down, the guilty parties were all Jewish: Nuland, Piatt, Gresh, Kolomoisky, Yatseniuk, Poroshenko.

The useful idiot, the boxer Klitschko, ended up in the army. Ukraine’s gold reserves were flown out from Borispol to an unknown destination in an unmarked plane.


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