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Leaders – Governments – Corporate Sector Fraud


It is with regret that I have to cease my current activity due to the fact that my High Court Case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London is still ongoing.

My associate and I have turned the case around and won but we now believe the case may well extend into another closely connected criminal case involving the high society of London.which also extends into other countries.

Obviously I can longer continue in exposing my intended international fraud and corruption articles as it would interfere
with the current proceedings of this second pending court case.

My blog
contains hundreds of hard hitting articles, in particular the series named Pandor’s Box Open up More Grime and Slime.

If you start reading back in 2010/2011 onwards you can see the very articles than landed Gordon Bowden and myself in the Royal Courts of Justice (London) on a charge of defamation which seven years later failed and became a win win situation.

Our case is still ongoing and a second possible criminal case is about to unfold that links high society fraud, corruption and associated assassinations to our case and for that reason alone we have to reduce our level of activity so as not to compromise the second case.

What is already out there in the public domain still stands and cannot be retracted (as that case is basically over) but as you will appreciate its contents now extends in a second criminal case.and therefore any activity/articles we both carry out could jeopardise the new case which is now in the hands of the Major Crime Squad and the Serious Fraud Squad etc.

If you read past articles you will see it names and shames many high profile Leaders, Senior Politicians and the Jet Set members of High Society and the Corporate Giants etc and covers the US, Canada, UK, EU, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many other offshore havens.

Australia (All States) plays a major role in fake/virtual non existent companies especially in the Oil Gas and Mining Sectors with massive tax evasion all amounting too trillions of dollars.

All leaders and ministers of the mainline political parties, including the current One Nation Party ( Sen Hansen, Burston and Roberts have been informed, as have associated police departments all to no avial.

Legally speaker they are themselves now implicated by not taking appropriate action or by not representing their respective constituents in raising such issues in Parliament or Congress etc

All those implicated or informed of my many published articles (in the US, UK, India and Australia) are now to be named in a more “Substantial Legal War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity Report” which is also pending.

It is obvious that based on the fact that their alleged respective “National Debt” in each of the above countries are simply non existent and that their illegal “Black Ops – Military – Space – False Flag Budgets” are not known to their citizens makes them all guilty and accountable!!.

All of the above clearly makes their current severe “Austerity Measure” totally illegal and false!!

Thank you all for your ongoing support and please feel free to browse through my hundreds of articles…..they will not only shock you but also reveal the truth as to what is really going on


Peter Eyre 1015 Local time 07/08/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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