Maybe Antifa Can Travel To Egypt And Pull The Pyramids Down

This is a BookFace conversation initiated by Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire:

Patrick Henningsen:
Wake-up people. What is happening here is that partisan factions have fabricated an emotional, political juggernaut – no less than a Maoist Culture War where American Leftists are attempting to impose their own politicized ‘consensus’ version of history through the enforcement of a campaign of aggressive, reactionary cultural marxism. There is no critical thinking present at all in any of their rhetoric. Why has no one declared war on statues for the last 150 years? For anyone who cares to study US history beyond a 120 min Stephen Spielberg narrative, the American Civil War was NOT just about slavery – Slavery was already well on the way OUT by 1865. Slavery may have been an issue for remaining slave owners and certain industries, but it was not the primary pretext of the American Civil War. By the way, many of those slaves who went north became corporate slaves, working in factories for crumbs, living in tenements and eventually in abject poverty – as they do today in Vietnam, China, India etc – slaves making our cheap Wallmart tat. To reduce the American Civil War down to a single secondary issue is dishonest, and politicized to the maximum. It is opportunism, designed to seize the moment and accumulate political capital in the present, and it’s dividing communities and intentionally setting people against one another – Left vs Right, White vs Black, Atheist vs Christian, Christian vs Jew, Christian vs Muslim, Liberal vs Conservative, straight vs gay, and so on. Regarding the so-called ‘NeoNazi’ and ‘Alt-Confederate’ movements, and grown men dressed in gowns and wearing political Halloween costumes, they are a joke – it’s Cosplay politics, and cheap opportunism. They are pathetic, and yet the US mainstream media builds them up to look like some kind of insurgent force in American culture – which is utter fraud on the media’s part. These so-called ‘Far-Right’ people have nothing to offer other than division and incitement, and they are less than marginal in the American political landscape – but if the radical Left continues to incite and push their own brand of street-mob politics, then you can expect the so-called ‘Far-Right’ to grow in numbers. Many in the establishment would like this very much, because the state along with NGO’s who “monitor hate activity”, and certain so-called “Conservative media outlets” – are all feeding off this lucrative trough of manufactured chaos. Throughout modern US history, both fringes of Right and Left have been infiltrated by federal informants and assorted agent provocateurs. This is very well-documented for anyone who isn’t so ignorant dismiss it off-hand. So here’s a little history lesson to Social Justice Warriors and those who wear masks in public: the American Civil War was multidimensional – it was about money, trade deals, Central Banking, preserving the Union of States and British/European economic influence in the southern states, and further afield, the coming industrial revolution – and also about slavery too. Pulling down statues and attacking people in history is idiotic – and it will not ever bring our society closer to understanding the underlying structures of power and true corporate fascism, and those who are now actively censoring free speech (Google, Facebook) and frankly ruining our society, our democracy, imposing a corporate agenda on our Bill of Rights – and crushing our individuality.

If you want statues removed, and you want to erase history – then let’s allow local communities a public forum, allow them to debate, and then allow them to vote on it. Do not enforce one group’s political will by force of a mob, because that will only sow the seeds of future discontent, putting society into a predictable cycle of superficial social unrest and pointless political violence. American society needs to grow-up and realize both ‘sides’ are being played, before more people get hurt.



Gilad Atzmon:
I am with you my dear .. it is beyond simple.. are the Jews going to mount pressure on the Egyptians to remove the pyramids? Lol

Patrick Henningsen:
OMG. Heavens to Yaweh. Masha Allah!

Patrick Henningsen:
Gilad Atzmon maybe Antifa can travel to Egypt and pull the Pyramids down?

Gilad Atzmon Patrick Henningsen they should really


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