Is Jason Kessler Another George Soros Manifestation?

Rebekah Roth provide interesting insight if you can sit through the promo-padding-chat about her website and books.
Do You Recognize a False Flag?
Is the character behind the Charlottesville incident, Jason Kessler, a fake ‘right-winger’?
Was he, is he really an Obama supporter?

TAP… funny how Rebakah Roth’s YouTube links do not show up in the published post as per usual YouTube links. May be I’m doing something technically incorrect?

The Southern Poverty Law Centre have him as the proverbial neo-Nazi:
From my observation, The Southern Poverty Law Centre is a stupid organisation hell-bent on pushing ridiculous identity politics and calling out anyone a racist or anti-Semite. Ask Harry Cooper at Sharkhunters about this pain in the backside group of twerps. Yes TSPL, you are twerps.

REPORT: White Supremacist Leader in Charlottesville Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter – Occupy Protester

Alt-Right Turns Against ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler, Labels Him ‘Soros/Deep State Plant’


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