INTERVIEW: ‘The Alt Right May Have Died in Charlottesville’


Henningsen: ‘The Alt Right May Have Died in Charlottesville’

The events in Charlottesville have shaken the American political scene.

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen speaks to Sputnik Radio about the tragic incident which took place this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Was the car incident really a ‘terrorist attack’ as it’s been portrayed in numerous leftist media outlets? That assessment seems very premature based on available forensics, and prior to a real police investigation and criminal trial. Are violent radical leftist ‘Antifa’ flash mob protesters also culpable for the street chaos – and the casualties that ensued? Are the city and state police also responsible for allowing violent clashes to take place? On the question of Trump and the Alt Right, Henningsen said the while it’s senseless to blame the President for the events of the weekend, it’s possible that, ‘the Alt Right may have died in Charlottesville,’ and may be unable to overcome the stigma of now being associated with NeoNazis, David Duke, and a dead protestor. This also relates to the current hysterical Left vs. Right hyper-partisan media environment in America which is crippling the national conversation. The program also discusses the difficulties faced by a radical internet-based political subculture when interfacing with real world people and politics.

All this and more in this radio interview

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    Organiser Richard Spencer CIA ?

    False Flag Movie Set drone footage ?

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