Interesting Times: Rick Astley & Nirvana

TAP, a bit of fun…
C. early 1990’s I was DJ-ing at The Marquee Club and would get to see other gigs in the Soho area. One night I was at The Astoria, up the road close to Tottenham Court Road tube station where Tad, Mudhoney and Nirvana were playing; all from Seattle?
I must have been at the after-gig party / drinks / green room and remember seeing Kurt Kobain sat alone, head down looking tired or not really engaging nor enjoying the moment. This was before they became mega, but being in the biz I was aware of who they were and who he was.
Last night I heard ex-Nirvana drummer, now apparently a guitar player fronting The Foo Fighters introduce Rick Astley onto the stage in Tokyo…
We live in bizarre times; Brexit, Corbyn, Trump and now Rick Astley on stage with a Nirvana. It was OK.
“Didn’t he do well!”…. only the English will get that generational game reference…. though “C’mon you mutha…..” was perhaps not Rick’s finest vocal moment.
Anyway, I thought it fun and worth sharing:


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