How they are creating the hurricanes and typhoons

They’ve known how to make hurricanes for quite a while.  Harvey is growing, even after it makes landfall, which is not what hurricanes used to do.  They use water vapour machines onshore to keep the storm in place.  This is weather terrorism, using directed energy. They know how to create clouds, direct weather systems and control their speed.  Weather is being used as a weapon.

Weather is out of control everywhere.  Extreme weather events are happening in many parts of the world.  Forest fires are being used to create dust and fires to create weather.  But it seems like they’ve lost control of the beast.  Lots of extreme weather events are not being reported to prevent panic.  Ocean water is not rising but receding.  Water is being sucked away by weather events.

While Houston is flooding, California is burning.  They  are blocking California weather systems making temperatures soar.  They report temperatures as over 90F when they are over 100F.

Why?  California and Texas?  Because they are politically rebellious.




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