Healing the world. Creating peace. Exposing truth. Ole Dammegard.


German intro is good for your German practice.  Then Ole talks in English as usual.  Broadcast just a week ago.

The truth leads the way.  This is to create peace in this beautiful world.  That’s why Ole exposes the activities of the same power structure wherever he can.  All comes from the same source – the evil of vaccines, terrorism, fear hoaxes, Satanic cults.  We know who they are.  They are just one group.

They have few methods they use against us.  They have no creative mind, no imagination, so they are so easy to track once we become aware.

This is a very important time, intense, not for wimps.  Light lovers not warriors.  Not freedom fighters, but freedom lovers.  We are tried in spiritual combat – in our families, in our societies.  Now we are being pulled together in a beautiful way.  We are brothers who have gone through all the levels of hatred, anger, brutality to one of seeing the truth.  We are not victims but strengthened by the awfulness of the world we experience.  This is not a time to chicken out.  We must move forward with tenderness.  Gentle but fearless.

We are chosen and sent here at this time to bring these changes.

Their main method is divide and conquer.


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