Gordon versus Satan. ‘I intend to keep on winning’.

Hi Henry,

On the day of the accident I was carrying nothing, no money, no wallet and no phone. You may well be right regarding the incident being a hit though not so much in the physical realm but of the spiritual. You see, satan (small “s” intentional) hates me and those of us who pursue truth. It’s no strange thing then that those who pursue truth are mocked and ostracized, even taken out.

This is satan’s world, he is the archdeceiver of mankind and this is his time. he has done his bit over the years in making life, lets just say, difficult for me, but I don’t care. I’m renowned for my humour laughing at myself and the world which has kept me on top of myself and the world, cheerfully accepting whatever is thrown at me and wont give in to his whiles and spiritual attacks.

Look what he did to Christ and he thought he was having a good day looking on Him on the cross. No way, Christ was the victor and redeemer of the world that very day.

Right, I’m going to hop it for a coffee now. Take care.

Kindest regards,



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