Gordon checks in

I’ve managed to connect to the internet at my daughter’s and have posted a couple of articles which is as much as can do for the moment due to pain.

I’ll be back in Borders General Hospital next week for x-rays on my right heel. 

Decisions will be made at that time on whether I’ll be going to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for surgery, of if they are going to fuse the bones or if they are going to leave things alone.

See photo of x-rayed right heel.

I’m getting around on a zimmer frame (crutches are just too sore) which is very sore on my chest and right leg which has to take all my weight.

Right, I need to get back to my perch for a rest.

Kind regards,


TAP – That looks very painful, Gordon.

Were you on foot or in a car?

I hope you keep improving.

Thanks for your posts today done despite your condition.


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  1. emm jay says:

    Hey Gordon! It’s so good to hear from you! Bless you for making the effort despite the awful pain you must be in … it’s much appreciated, and so are you.

    Still sending thoughts, prayers and big love right at ya! ? You take good care xx

    • Gordon says:

      Awe, so kind of you emm jay. It’s the little things like this that take away the pain and makes life all worthwhile again. God bless you.

  2. Gordon says:

    On the day of the accident (11th) I had planned to pop up to the village for a coffee with Rachel my daughter but instead decided to go round to see my mechanic Shaun at his garage to have him check out my car for a slight vibration coming from the front offside of the car.

    Shaun was in the garage getting things set-up for the day and decided to take the car for a test run to Duns and back in the hope of tracing where the vibration was coming from. The vibration itself was more of an annoyance than a problem and in no way interfered with the reliability of the car.

    We set off for Duns with me at the driving wheel and Shaun as my passenger until we arrived at Edrom, an area properly known as Edrom Newtown Mains but locally as simply, Edrom which is nothing more than a few cottages by the side of the road.

    We had turned a slow left bend and proceeded into the straight a short distance and had just passed Edrom Newtown Mains buildings on my right. There were three vehicles on the other side of the road travelling in the opposite direction. The car in front was cream, the car behind it was black and a third car a little further up the road was blue.

    I was travelling at between 55 and 60 MPH when suddenly the black car made a very aggressive move to overtake the cream car in front of him. I recall making an attempt to veer my steering wheel to my left in an attempt avoid hitting the oncoming vehicle, to no avail.

    To give you some idea of the speed of events, I had no sooner mounted the grass verge but before hitting the dyke the black car had ploughed into me head-on.

    The air-bags deployed on impact and seat-belts restrained both Shaun and I from hitting the front wind-shield. Shaun escaped from the passenger door but I couldn’t move my legs due to the front of the vehicle having been pushed toward me which also immobilized my door from opening.

    Initially, both Shaun and I were badly winded in the chest due to kinetic forces at play. My immediate concern was for my post triple A repair operation performed 31st March. However, it appeared to be fine. My next concern was that the vehicle may go on fire while I was trapped. The fire brigade eventually arrived from Kelso and cut the offside doors from off the car to allow me to exit. The ambulance crew discussed whether I should be airlifted to hospital but decided by road would be OK.

    On arriving at Borders General Hospital my cloths were cut off to reveal that I required stitches to my left knee and requiring X-ray and CT scans.

    The above photo reveals my heal sustaining fractures the results of which were forwarded to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for expert opinion. By Monday 14th it was decided that no operation was to be performed on the heal due to its complexity. I’m going to BGH on Tuesday 29th for X-rays on the heal and it will be decided again weather I should go to Edinburgh for an operation or weather they are going to fuse the bones.

    Other injuries included bruising of the left foot severe bruising of the neck and right hip arm and chest. As of today, chest pain remains the worse and I need to rest a lot.

    Shaun sustained internal abdominal bruising and suffered more shock than I. He also suffered sever bruising to the pelvic due to the seat belt but no broken bones.

    I spent 7 days in hospital and Shaun 12 days. I can’t use crutches because the pain over my chest is too great, I’m therefore getting around on a zimmer frame which is still very painful.

    I’m staying with my other daughter Sarah who lives just a couple of miles from Duns as I can’t fend for myself. Shaun is being cared for by his wife.

    Getting back to being in A&E, the doctors and nurses were well impressed with the triple A operation scar across my abdomen and pulled in other colleagues for a look. All were amazed at the precision and how well it had healed in just three and a half months. Never mind me half dead check out this beautiful scar…. Whatever takes your fancy I suppose.

    The other driver sustained nothing more than a graze to his hand, didn’t go to hospital and admitted liability.

    That’s about the state of the nation for the moment.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Who was the other driver, Gordon? Age. Any other information? Why would he drive his vehicle into yours in such a stupid fashion? How come he wasn’t hurt? When you’re recovered from your ordeal, maybe these kind of questions might go through your mind. It’s so good that your earlier operation was such a success. Let’s hope this patch-up goes equally well. Doctors always take an interest in you as if you’re some kind of scientific experiment, and you’re not really there.

    • Gordon says:

      Yes, good question.

      Regulars to the blog will know that I’m astutely aware of my natural surroundings and there’s not much that passes me by.

      According to a police officer at the scene the other driver was South African and because of data protection his name would not be released. However, living in a small rural community news travels fast and if correct the only South African living in the area is So and So, married to So and So, and lives at there abouts.

      My own observations is that he is approximately 5′ 10″ tall, slim built and in his early thirties with short fair hair. Rather good looking too.

      His car had a 2016 British Reg (don’t ask) therefore he would be accustomed to driving on the left side of the road as in South Africa.

      By pulling out so aggressively from the vehicle in front I immediately thought the driver was driving a left hand steering wheel car and had figured out in my mind that such an aggressive maneuver would be required to take in the full view of the road in front. I know now that this was not the case.

      I can’t answer why the other driver decided to overtake when he did. Only he can do so.

      Sometimes it’s a total fluke how one can walk unscathed from an accident while the other party is not so lucky. It’s also strange that I see and recall so much while Shaun recalls nowt.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Gordon. Take it easy and get well again. You’re doing the blog proud today. It is very common for someone to have no memory after a crash. You’re just made of stronger stuff. Gordon Logan might have a comment about the details of the crash. Being former MI6 he might know if this was really an accident or something else. Were you carrying a mobile phone?

  5. danceaway says:

    Thank you so much, Gordon, for making the effort to explain the details of the accident and your injuries to us, when you are not at all well. We are all thinking of you as you deal with the pain
    and strive to recover and get around with the zimmer frame.

    I agree it would be interesting to hear Gordon Logan’s take on the SA driver. So strange this all happened just when the topic of Princess Diana’s crash is at the forefront of many minds once again. Also that the other driver escaped unscathed; hard to comprehend!

    Get plenty of rest, and know that your concerned readers send love and very best wishes! We are so pleased to hear from you and know that you are in the care of your daughter.

  6. Gordon Logan says:

    Tap asks for my take on the South African driver. I think it likely that the security services employ the services of immigrants for dirty tricks on Brits, since they are easier to recruit. It was a Pakistani and a Nigerian that tricked my Chinese wife into leaving the UK without a re-entry visa in 2009. It would be interesting to know if the South African has a military background. The attempt to kill me by vehicular homicide in Dec 2002 would have led to a run off-road accident at very high speed, which has the highest fatality rate. Strangely enough, head on collisions (as in Gordon’s case) only have a fatality rate of 10%. If Gordon’s crash wasn’t an accident, it may have involved a conspiracy between the South African and the driver of the cream car in front. As to motive, Gordon, like myself and many others, is a so called ‘non violent extremist’, who takes the lies in the mass media with a pinch of salt., David Cameron said in the UN in 2014 that ‘non violent extremists’ were just as dangerous as ISIL terrorists. Since we know from Lord James that the British government is a major covert backer of terrorism, we can assume that Cameron is making a distinction between the jihadists (whom he secretly supports) and the really bad guys, like Gordon, who post embarrassing revelations about the e.g. the lying thugs of the Conservative Party. It follows therefore that Gordon may well have been a victim of the ‘Increment, as I was in 2002. Another attempt to kill me involved the ‘Journalist of the Year’. I will describe that another time, with evidence. The Russians probably jimmied my brakes in the mid 80s in Bulgaria. The brakes had just been repaired and suddenly failed after driving down one of the highest mountains in the Balkans..

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