Göbeklitepe: sounds like gurb-eck-lee-tep-eh

Göbeklitepe: sounds like: Gurb-eck-lee-tep-eh
A stomach; a paunchy pot-bellied stomach; a pot-bellied hill and the T-shape monolithic stones emerging on top….

Is Göbeklitepe just a bunch of old T-shaped stones standing in the dirt or another jewel in the Turkish crown and serious international game changer? We live in exponentially changing times and this megalithic site on the Turkish-Syrian border is an emerging international story.

The internet may be likened to a modern day Library of Alexandria at all our fingertips; information and research today has an open source platform. Examination and exploration is no longer confined to established institutions or certified authority. Lay persons around the world have entered the game.

Göbeklitepe threatens to be an international game changer for archaeology and human history. Currently our history, education and conventional wisdom are confined to the parameters of Adam’s Rib, Darwinian Evolution and Newtonian particle reductionist physics. Göbeklitepe may encompass all these and more. These T-shaped monolith characters arranged in circles about two central figures will hold the curiosity of a wide spectrum of enthusiasts from the academic community to the lay public; from senior citizens to school children.

Göbeklitepe may not only be a catalyst to revising the human timeline, it may also shed light upon a consciousness awareness forgotten by our contemporary lifestyles. Göbeklitepe may initiate a quantum leap into the investigation of transference of information between cells that is ‘invisible’ and not restricted to a physical particle based model.

Göbeklitepe may supersede identity politics and belief systems to raise intellectual curiosity for all regardless of creed, colour or culture. Turkey holds rich historical architecture heritage from Cappadocia to Hağia Sofya and the architect Sinan; from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras up to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic who shared the Piri Reis map with the world while taking curiosity in the legend of Mu and Lemuria. Göbeklitepe may introduce even earlier origins of civilisation and influence within the human history timeline.

Göbeklitepe provides a link to ancient sites around the world and, therefore, aligns Turkey with an international theme. When Professor Robert Shock suggested water erosion on the Sphinx at Giza indicated earlier civilisation than the accepted 5,000 years, critics within the academic establishment asked for proof anywhere in the world of earlier sophistication. The uncovering of Göbeklitepe provided such a paradigm shift.

Göbeklitepe sits in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border and been recently trapped amidst conflict and upheaval. Perhaps the site can now contribute toward more peaceful contemplation in the region and beyond.

Göbeklitepe: a film from Turkey: ‘The Worlds First Temple:


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  1. Tapestry says:

    At last I know a way to remember the name. Thanks for that. This video is still very much an institutional explanation with mo real insights permitted, along with much wrong information thrown in.

    • NPP says:

      You are right.
      My thoughts, their video from a few back…. indeed, I struggle to offer a cutting edge up to the mark presentation from anyone.

      May be there are conventional explanations. I do hope for the more unconventional though.

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