From Roth To Pieczenik To InfoWars: The 9/11 Lie

Rebecca Roth’s books have now been read and Tweeted by Dr. Steve Pieczenik….
Steve Pieczenik‏ @StevePieczenik Aug 25
IF uR just startingYourQuestFor #911Truth  #RebekahRoth @CLewandowski_ @RealGeoEngWatch @starsandstripes

Rebekah Roth ~ 9/11 Author Update & more: (her YouTube links never show up on TAP as other YouTubes…)
Pieczenik has called Roth directly. Pieczenik has helped ensure signed copies of her 3 books on 9/11 have gone to Alex Jones. Roth had good relations with Jim Marrs with whom she exchanged signed copies of their respective books. She speaks well of John B. Wells, the Hagmann & Hagmann.

She says Health Ranger Mike Adams tried to have her killed. Indeed, this is a hard pill to swallow since Mike Adams, frequently posted at TAP, appears to present useful work, but why did he side-line her? She detests Jim Fetzer, she alleges as another truth gatekeeper. She goes ‘dark’ to stay safe. She has had a drone apparently hovering over her.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik – White House Generals:
Among other comments: Israel created Hamas to counter balance Hezbollah….

TAP, you might find Pieczenik’s efforts against Mosaic interesting:

Florida is under ASSAULT by Mosaic Mine and a few rich North Florida Families that DO NOT care that they are raping our precious earth. We have pleaded with Bradford County Officials to STOP yet they continue…watch this.


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